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Tracey Competition Crokinole Boards

The Official Board Builder for the World Crokinole Championship

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Handmade in Canada just down the road from where Crokinole was born Tracey boards are sublime, anyone who has had the pleasure to try a Tracey Board will appreciate is ice like gliding, and consistency of finish across the whole board, ensuring every shot plays the same. It is no surprise Tracey Boards are the official board of the Crokinole World Cup, and the Bottom Half of the World Cup. If you are serious about Crokinole, you are going to eventually want a Tracey board, superb playing characteristics, beautiful to look at and built to last. By buying in bulk we make significant savings on the shipping costs (typically saving $200 per board), and are able to pass this saving onto the customer. Plus the stock is right here in Melbourne. Packed to endure all of Aus Posts brutality. Each board comes with 2 sets of 13 contrasting discs, disc baggie, gliss powder and rule book.

Black ( Sold out )$629
Grey Stone (Sold out )$670
Cherry Leaf (Sold out )$750
Discount for cash pickup, shipping $32 Vic, NSW, SA, $45 Elsewhere in Australia ( thanks Aus Post, in 2022 it was $30 for all ).
Insurance: Insurance can be bought for $15.50 to cover the transit, a signature will be required at delivery.
Do you need insurance? in posting 30 boards Australia post has managed to set fire too one of them.
Contact: to purchase.

Tracey Disc Set

A set of 13 discs ( 12 to play + one spare) in a rainbow of colour.

Each disc has been specially shaped following a Gordon Murray* design to ensure minimum surface contact, almost as if it’s floating on air, wheeeeee clonk as it slides effortlessly into the opposing ditch.

  • possible not Gordon Murray.
Disc set of any colour – $10.5
Shipping $3.6 per set Australia wide. Contact: to purchase.

Kroeger Croquignole de luxe board

It’s a fun board to play, and if you’re Crok curious it’s an affordable way to discover the joys of Crokinole without significant cost.  However if you get serious about the game you are going to want to upgrade. See my review here.

Kroeger Croquignole de luxe board ( 13 in stock )- $50
Discount for cash pickup, shipping $20 Australia wide. Contact: to purchase.

Wall Mounting Kit

OK Crokinole boards are hardly pocket sized, but this nifty steel kit allows you to turn you board into wall art while it’s not in use.

Not recommend for ceiling mounting.

Wall mounting kit ( 1 in stock ) – $122
Discount for cash pickup, shipping $15 Australia wide. Contact: to purchase.

20 Holder Set

After sinking a 20, and bragging accordingly, these neat transparent 20 holders keep your prowess right in your opponents eye line. Instantly keep track of the score, perfect for OCD players.

20 Holder set of 2 ( 11 in stock ) – $39
Shipping $7.5 Australia wide. Contact: to purchase.

8 disc tray pair

Neat little rack for storing your competition discs, makes easy to see where your at.

Prevents discs accidentally being recycled. No grabbing from the gutter…

8 Disc tray, set of 2 ( 3 in stock ) – $39.5
Shipping $7.5 Australia wide. Contact: to purchase.